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Our secret sauce for generating clients is targeting the right companies and people at the right time. Any company that has a funding event needs to deploy those funds to grow. We can help them by offering our service or product.

These companies trust LeadBites for their data lists:

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Don’t trust your list building to an upstart run by a sole person who may or may not be around tomorrow.

Here’s 6 specific reasons you’ll want to Subscribe to LeadBites Funded Startups List:

List Building Focus Since 2019

We’ve been in the list building and cold email marketing space since 2019 serving billion-dollar unicorns and small businesses.

1,500+ List Requests

Our team of data analysts, data scientists, and engineers have performed well over 1,500 data requests - big, small, difficult, and cumbersome tasks.

Cold Email Marketers

Our parent company owns and operates a cold email outreach software and prospecting database. We’ve got the industry expertise and resources to build valuable lists.

More Data Points

Our team gathers more data points than any other competitor. We checked that! That gives you the extra bits needed for more context, better targeting, and greater personalization.

Dependable Team Members

Unlike some sole freelancer who may or may not deliver a few months down the road or move onto another more lucrative project, our data-centric, scalable team has already been building lists for years.

Databases and Sources

We invest thousands every month for access to various sources, directories, databases, and news platforms so you don’t have to.

We take the most difficult task of finding leads and their contact information off your plate. All you have to do is click "Send".

Here’s how it works:

Subscribe to the Funded Startups List

Subscribe and you’ll automatically be added to an exclusive cohort of companies that receive our weekly email containing leads.

Identify Potential Clients

Sort, filter & identify leads based on your target criteria and reach out to them using your preferred email sending platform.

Generate Revenue

Close more sales and repeat the process every week. You’ll never run out of leads to contact. Optimize your pitch to improve your close rate.


Our Mission is Simple. Helping You Close More Clients

Sales Representatives
Generating New Clients

“As a marketing agency, obtaining a lead list of recently funded startups helps me identify new business opportunities. By focusing on startups that have recently secured funding, I can target companies actively looking to invest in marketing activities."

B2B Prospecting

“Startups with funding are more likely to invest in SaaS solutions, increasing my chances of converting them into customers“

Targeted Outreach

“I use the lead list to identify potential customers among recently funded startups, focusing on companies with the resources and interest in our products/services"

Ecommerce Brand Owners
Partnership Opportunities

“By utilizing a lead list containing key details such as industries, descriptions, and websites, you gain the opportunity to evaluate potential partnerships that perfectly complement your offerings.”

Contact Decision Maker

“Access to decision-maker details such as email, phone number, and LinkedIn profile empowers me as a marketer to initiate conversations, establish relationships, and pitch my marketing services directly to key decision-makers.“

Funding or Investment Analysis

“I want to identify startups that align with my investment preferences and strategies. Fields like company name, last funding type, industries, and funding amounts help me assess the potential of each startup”

Leverage the Power of Done-For-You Lead Lists to Boost Your Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Our startup studio sells bespoke design and development to funded startups. This list is exactly our target audience because they now have the funds to revamp their SaaS apps and websites. It’d cost us 10x - 20x more to try to gather this list ourselves. Now it just appears in our inbox ready-to-go. Fully recommend it!


Startup Studio (Dev Studio)

We use all the tools like Zoominfo, Apollo, and others but this list gets us the best ROI because of its affordability and niche targeting. The startups that got funded are usually in the early growth phase and that’s when they need our services such as ads management, content, and SEO. We’ve already landed several clients from these lists so it’s already paid for itself 1000%+.


Marketing Agency

We use the Leadbites Funded Startups list to source potential interviewees for our startup magazine. It makes our job of finding interesting startups to write about so easy. Saves time, saves money, and eliminates mundane tasks for our editor.




Marketing Agency

Get Started with LeadBites


  • 250 New Leads (approx. 1000 Leads / Month)
  • Previous Month's List Upon Signup
  • Verified Company Information
  • Verified Decision Maker Email Addresses
  • Verified Social Media Profiles
  • 30+ types of data fields
  • 100+ Hours of Monthly Research
  • Leads Delivered in Excel Format
  • On-Demand Lead Enrichment
  • Email OutReach Campaign Setup
  • OutReach Campaign Reporting


  • 500 New Leads (approx. 2000 Leads / Month)
  • Last 3 Months Lists Upon Signup
  • Verified Company Information
  • Verified Decision Maker Email Addresses
  • Verified Social Media Profiles
  • 30+ types of data fields
  • 100+ Hours of Monthly Research
  • Leads Delivered in Excel Format
  • On-Demand Lead Enrichment
  • Email OutReach Campaign Setup
  • OutReach Campaign Reporting

Done For You

  • Lists are FREE for DFY Clients
  • Warm Leads Forwarded to you
  • Zero Sales Commission
  • Minimum 3 Month Engagement
  • Monthly Updates and Reporting
  • LeadBites Pay for the Domains*
  • LeadBites Setup the Email Accounts
  • LeadBites Configure and Warm Up the Emails
  • LeadBites Pay for the Outreach Software
  • LeadBites Sends the Emails for you


How do we collect the data?
Our expert data analysts spend hundreds of hours collecting, enriching & verifying leads from publicly available databases and compiling them together before sending them to you.
What type of companies are in the recently Funded Startups Lists?
These will primarily be startups, nonprofit organizations, and some enterprises. Because of their funding events, they have the budget to procure your service or product.
Who are our ideal customers?
Anyone selling B2B especially to funded startups. The majority of our clients are agencies, SaaS companies, and service providers.
Why do you need LeadBites?
Because LeadBites wants you to focus on generating revenue rather than how or where to get leads. Our team of data analysts does this work daily and saves clients hundreds of hours from tiresome work.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes. The Funded Startups List is a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime. Your subscription will automatically terminate on the last day of your current subscription period. You don’t even need to talk to us but we’d love to know what we could’ve done to keep you part of the cohort of successful companies that get the list.
What's on the Report?
We provide 30+ valuable data points that help you identify and personalize your outreach. Some fields are Company Name, Website, Category, Last Funding Date, Funding Amount, Website Traffic, Tech Stack & many more.
What format is the Funded Startups List and when is it sent?
After you sign up to one of our plans, we will send you an Excel File every Monday. Please ensure you use a legitimate email address and whitelist our domain – – to avoid the list inadvertently going to the spam inbox.