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Cleaning up thousands of data points is a resource-intensive process.

LeadBites is an on-demand data team that helps businesses drive more sales and it all starts with clean data.

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What is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing also known as data sanitization ensures data sets are formatted properly, validated, and in the case of LeadBites updated by hand to ensure data integrity. If any of the following sound familiar, LeadBites is a no-brainer solution.

Why use bad data when you don’t have to?

Working with LeadBites has been a great experience! Instead of having to find and negotiate with VA’s I can just send off a list of what I need and trust they’ll get it back to me with high quality and for a great price. So glad I found LeadBites!

Matt Treacy

Founder Symbios Growth Automation

What’s The Big Deal With Clean Data?

Communication is the cornerstone of sales. You need to reach the right people to get the sale, right? This is why clean data is so important. It does not matter if you have a team of closers or the best possible CRM money can buy, the bottom line is if you’re operating using dirty lists your team will end up in muddy waters.

Empower your sales team with up-to-date, validated, and hand-researched data.

Our Data Cleansing Objectives:


Find the most up-to-date and factual information about your leads.


Eliminate inconsistent data formatting or incomplete fields.


Get hand-researched granularity that scripts or databases can’t provide.

Generate More Sales With The #1 Human-Powered Lead Research and Data Enrichment Service

Having an on demand team to help out with all the random little things I need to in order to generate leads has been a huge time-saver for my consultancy. I no longer need to spend time on these small, but important tasks that I just never seem to get to on my own.

Joe Dejene

| FB Ads Consultant

What Can Our Data Cleaners Do For You?

Ready to work with LeadBites but not sure what type of data cleansing tasks we can help you execute. Here are some tasks our clients ask us to do daily.

Structure and Organize Messy Spreadsheets

When it comes to cleaning data we care about structure. Apart from simply validating data our team of experts can help organize your sheets for better visualization, filtering capabilities, and proper conventions. We’re sticklers for making sense of messy databases.

Validate and Hand Verify Email Contacts

Emailing the wrong person with the wrong email is embarrassing. So is emailing the same person twice. These outcomes are simply symptoms of unclean data. Which can turn into reputation plunders. Avoid these reputation risks with the help of LeadBites. We can remove duplicate entries, ensure name and title accuracy, and validate your emails as well.

Clean your CRM or Email Lists

Having too many bad contacts is a huge problem for many businesses. Data cleansing can ensure that you aren’t paying for any dead weight in your marketing automation. More importantly, eliminating unusable contacts will help avoid email deliverability issues and domain flagging.

LeadBites Scrubs Your Data For You

Traditional data scrubbing takes a stupendous amount of time without processes. At LeadBites, we have data scrubbing down to a science. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how little time it takes for us to scrub your data and make it ready for use.

Leverage the Power of Done-For-You Lead Lists to Boost Your Sales and Marketing Campaigns.

Having an on demand team to help out with all the random little things I need to in order to generate leads has been a huge time-saver for my consultancy. I no longer need to spend time on these small, but important tasks that I just never seem to get to on my own.

Stewart Townsend

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Hand Researched Results

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Our Data Cleansing Process

Many businesses that come to LeadBites have faced challenges with the data cleaning process. We simplify the process so it’s very hands-off for you. You give us your dataset, and we’ll point out the inaccuracies, issues, and holes.

You Submit A Task

Simply email your lead data cleaning request and what's required. Our team will review and follow up with any questions otherwise we’ll get straight to work. When we are working on cleaning your data, we’ll identify all of the issues and how we can fix them. We’ll communicate about any additional issues to ensure the most optimal results for your task.

We Get To Cleaning

Our researchers will work on the task daily based on the plan you’ve selected. A dedicated manager works with a researcher to meet the requirements and performs quality checks.

We Deliver Results

When we’re finished cleaning the data, we send you a file containing the data for approval. We adjust the data cleanse based on your feedback. Ideally, we are always working towards your specific requirements.

Get Started With LeadBites

Select the plan that best meets your needs. LeadBites is simple and transparent about its pricing. No gimmicks or add-ons. No setup fees or crazy agency retainers. No long-term contracts. You can cancel at any time but you’d be bonkers to do so.


Best for Freelancers and Consultants
$399 / month
  • Up to 5 Hours Per week
  • All Leads Verified By Hand
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Non-Dedicated Analysts
  • No Long- Term Commitments


For Founders as well as Small Teams
$799 / month
  • Up to 10 Hours Per week
  • All Leads Verified By Hand
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Lead Researcher
  • No Long- Term Commitments


Need Something Our Packages Don't Cover?
Custom Pricing
  • Custom Email List
  • Custom Plans With Just What You Need
  • 1 Week Turnaround Per 250 Leads
  • *Options for Personalizations & Other Info (LinkedIn)
Need A One-Time Custom Job?
*The number of leads found per week is entirely dependent on the quality of sources, quantity available, and complexity due to industry, targeting criteria given, or time required.

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