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It has become more difficult than ever for B2B sales and marketing teams to attract buyers with cold email outreach campaigns. With our scientific B2B email lead generation, we stand out against the crowd and get you high-quality leads. Thanks to our sophisticated (and science-based) cold email outreach strategy, our team of B2B email lead generation specialists has been trained to enhance email outreach performance and deliver every email directly to inboxes rather than spam folders.

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Our Cold B2B Email Lead Generation Services

Working with LeadBites is a simple but highly effective process. Since we are targeting B2B, potentially a single lead can pay for an entire year of our cold email outreach service. 


 Let LeadBites save you time and money with our award-winning cold email outreach services we offer… 


Email Copywriting

We have managed hundreds of cold email outreach campaigns over the years and send out over 1M emails/month. When it comes to email copy and subject lines, we’ve tested out what works vs. what doesn’t work. We approach cold email outreach scientifically. Our team of seasoned email copywriters will create highly personalized email outreach sequences that speak directly to your customer avatar. Each email in the sequence is expertly crafted with a subject line that leads to a higher rate of email openings, clicks, and conversions.

Free Email Warm-Ups

Warming up your domain is key to not being labeled as spam by email service providers. At LeadBites, we warm up your domains and email accounts or use one of our own pre-warmed-up domains for free.

Verify Email List

The second most important task for cold email marketing is to have a quality email list to minimize email bounces. With LeadBites, we verify your email list in real-time to make sure the emails land in the prospect’s inbox. We clean the list to remove spam trap emails or invalid emails to keep your reputation safe.

Stats Reporting

Tracking the performance of every cold email outreach campaign we create is key to measuring its success. Every B2B email lead generation campaign we create, includes comprehensive performance reports, including open, click & response tracking; and quantify what you need to do next.

Benefits Of Cold Email Outreach Over PPC Advertising

Let’s look at some of the benefits cold email outreach marketing has over cold PPC marketing.


Cold PPC campaigns can get pricey. Not only are you paying for PPC management services but also the ad spend to the platform. With cold email outreach, outside of the cost of building your email list and the set management fee, there are no additional costs that can fluctuate month to month. Sending the emails is technically free! A year of our cold email outreach service could cost less than 2 months of running a very standard cold PPC campaign.

Active Targeting

Cold PPC targeting can be hit and miss. In reality, you're casting a wide net and hoping you'll get some bites. With cold email outreach, you know exactly who you're targeting. For example, if an agency wants to target marketing managers for beauty companies, we can build a cold email outreach campaign specifically targeting those people. In cold PPC, since you're casting a less precise net (no matter how good you set your audience targeting), you're paying for clicks that you may not even want decreasing your ROI.

More Personable & Informative

Although cold emails can seem intrusive, they are actually quite personable. They may even appear generic, but they can be personalized and tailored to the recipient. As they are unexpected, they can give the recipient something to get excited about. They are a great way to generate interest in your brand, product, or service, so they will contain more information, such as a guide or links to blog articles. You can also pack in more information recipients may find useful.

Working with LeadBites has been a great experience! Instead of having to find and negotiate with VA’s I can just send off a list of what I need and trust they’ll get it back to me with high quality and for a great price. So glad I found LeadBites!

Matt Treacy

Founder Symbios Growth Automation

Accelerate B2B Cold Email Campaigns With LeadBites

Time is a resource and your team’s time is better spent elsewhere. Time-consuming copywriting, email warming-up, and list verifying is not economical for many businesses in-house. Let our email engineers find do the cold email outreach tasks you’re looking for. No two cold email are the same. The leads are out there, let LeadBites get them for you.

Our Cold Email Outreach Objectives:


Work with you to either verify or build the right customer email list.


Understand your message and voice to craft the perfect email campaign.


Protect your company and brand from being labeled spam.


Provide you with quality cold email leads that convert.

What Our Email Engineers Can Do For You

Building Or Verifying Your Email List

Don’t have an email list? No problem. We got you. Our experts will research and build a list of the exact leads to target in the cold email outreach campaigns. When researching leads, the key for us to build a great list is to understand your business and your potential customers. We are researching the personas of your contacts and their profiles. Every list we build (or get from you) will be verified to reduce email bounces.

Writing Email Copy That Converts (And Gets Opened)

Copywriting is an art. Relaying the proper message is key. When it comes to cold email outreach, not only does the email have to be captivating, but just as importantly the subject line. If the receiver is not intrigued to open your email, it doesn’t matter how amazing your email copy is. Our copywriters have drafted thousands of emails and subject lines of emails that not only get read, but convert. 

The Perfect Cold Email Outreach Campaign Is Nothing Without Reporting

Every campaign we build has the care and attention to detail so the job is done right, the first time. Once onboarded, we will quickly warm up the email accounts and build the campaigns. The email copy and verified email lists will be sent to clients to give feedback as quickly as possible and fine-tune campaigns. The cold email outreach process is meant to be collaborative and evolving. Measuring campaign performance is also equally important, we make sure all clients receive regular reports on campaign performance. Our team will monitor open and click rates and make necessary adjustments to ensure every cold email campaign is successful.

Generate More Sales With The #1 Human-Powered Lead Research and Data Enrichment Service

Having an on demand team to help out with all the random little things I need to in order to generate leads has been a huge time-saver for my consultancy. I no longer need to spend time on these small, but important tasks that I just never seem to get to on my own.

Joe Dejene

| FB Ads Consultant

Our List Building Process

Start establishing stronger human connections with your prospects right away. Our experienced researchers will provide you with all the hand-curated data you need to build personalized relationships.


Send us your email list or we can create it for you. Simply email your research or data request and what's required. Our team will review and follow up with any questions otherwise we’ll get straight to work. When we are researching leads, you’ll give us your ideal customer profiles and buyer personas. We’ll decide on any additional data points to ensure the most optimal results for your task.

Build and Initiate Cold Email Outreach Campaign

Our email engineers and copywriters will get to work writing and building out the entire email campaign. A dedicated manager works with the team make sure they meet the requirements and perform quality checks.

We Deliver Results

When we’re finished writing and building the email campaign, warming up the email accounts, and verifying the email list, we send you an email containing the campaign and final email list for approval. We adjust the copy and email list based on your feedback. Ideally, we are always working towards your specific requirements.

What Are Some Businesses That Can B2B Cold Email Outreach?


An effective outbound strategy is a must for startups. Many startups don’t have the resources or bandwidth that it takes for effective cold email outreach. Our cold email outreach is especially friendly for startups. Why? It prevents startups from needing to hire an expensive in-house team to gain sales traction. It normally takes a lot of resources and capital to launch a proper outbound sales campaign. Our seasoned team will build and execute an outbound strategy for startups while they can focus on all of the other aspects of their business.

Mid-sized Businesses

Many mid-sized businesses come to LeadBites looking for new opportunities to expand their outreach. Our cold email outreach team can help mid-sized businesses get over the hump and grow their sales pipelines. There are many new possibilities for reaching out to new customers, but mid-sized businesses still struggle with building in-house lead outreach teams. Our email outreach can help mid-sized businesses reach their potential of growth.

Enterprise Businesses

Large businesses want to test new markets at scale. Our cold email outreach can help these businesses effectively test these new markets without needing to invest a ton in internal teams. Our cold email outreach offers enterprise businesses the opportunity to find many new leads at a low cost. We are able to then work with enterprise businesses to build entirely new sales pipelines that they can integrate with their current teams. Our strength at LeadBites is that our email engineers work well with businesses of all sizes. We can communicate well with enterprise businesses and customize our communication to fit their needs.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Making cold emails appear as personal as possible is the key. We typically don’t use images or HTML, instead of sending them as plain text. Furthermore, this improves conversion rates as well as ensures emails aren’t blocked by spam filters, which affects overall deliverability for the domains we are using. With multi-variates, when lead potential receives an email, it looks more personalized and speaks to them.

Yes, our cold email reporting tracks both opens and clicks without embedding open tracking pixels in every email, which may affect deliverability.

We can determine which messaging is most effective through A/B testing. Cold emails can be tested many times for the subject line, the opener, value proposition, and the call to action, all of which can be tracked separately.

The amount varies significantly from client to client, though we typically send 200 – 500 emails per day.

All of our marketing outreach emails are sent from your company name using an alias we create (that you approve) or using the name of an existing employee at your company.

This can vary depending on the size of each client’s email list. The average B2B email marketing cadence consists of 4-6 emails that are spread out over a 20-30 day period.

Yes. You can cancel directly on our website at any time or email our team. While we prefer a clean cut-off at month-end, it’s not required. We’d like to request that you allow us to finish the month to avoid pro-rata refund transactions from our payment processor.

Get Started With LeadBites

Select the plan that best meets your needs. LeadBites is simple and transparent about its pricing. No gimmicks or add-ons. No setup fees or crazy agency retainers. No long-term contracts. You can cancel at any time but you’d be bonkers to do so.


Best for Freelancers or Small Companies
$399 / month
  • Contact Up To 1000 New People Monthly
  • Unlimited Follow-Ups
  • Email Warm-Ups Included
  • Stats Reporting
  • Verify Email List
  • Protect Sender Reputation
  • Use Your Domain Name
  • Verify/Setup SPF/DKIM/DMARC Settings


Best for Medium or Large Companies
$799 / month
  • Contact Up To 3000 New People Monthly
  • Unlimited Follow-Ups
  • Email Warm-Ups Included
  • Stats Reporting
  • Verify Email List
  • Protect Sender Reputation
  • Use Your Or LeadBites Pre-Warmed-Up Domain
  • Verify/Setup SPF/DKIM/DMARC settings


Need Something Our Packages Don't Cover?
Custom Pricing
  • Custom Email List*
  • Custom Plans With Just What You Need
Hand Researched Results
Streamlined and Timely Results
Human-Powered Solutions
Data Expertise
Hand Researched Results
Hand Researched Results

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