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There’s a lot of data out there. Most of it is unusable, scattered, or inaccurate. LeadBites scours the public domain by hand to get you more of the data you need and none of the fluff. 

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What is Database Enrichment and How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

Purposeful data is the lifeblood of a valuable CRM, marketing list, or advertising campaign. Apart from keeping your data clean and accurate layers of intelligent information help your team execute campaigns with precision.

LeadBites database enrichment services can help

Empower your sales team with the type of data they need to make meaningful decisions.

Generate More Sales With The #1 Human-Powered Lead Research and Data Enrichment Service

Having an on demand team to help out with all the random little things I need to in order to generate leads has been a huge time-saver for my consultancy. I no longer need to spend time on these small, but important tasks that I just never seem to get to on my own.

Joe Dejene

| FB Ads Consultant

How LeadBites Enriches Data

Our team of data researchers evaluates your existing database. Then we gather your requirements and hand-research additional data points specific to your database needs.

Enriching Contact Data

Contact data is essential to effective communication flow. LeadBites can enrich your existing database by manually researching specific contact details at scale. Some common contact data research requests include sourcing position titles, LinkedIn profile URLs, and even phone numbers.

Enriching Demographic Data

Customize and structure campaigns more intelligently with layered segmentation. Demographic data enrichment research, LeadBites can append additional details to your database contacts includes gender, age, location, and even purchasing behavior.

Enriching Firmographic Data

Enriched data doesn’t just ensure that you have an accurate view of who your clients are and the specific services or offers that best suit their needs. Firmographic research can append data points like company size, funding, or even headquarters location to your existing database. This bird’s eye database view can help your team construct more relevant and strategic messaging.

Our Data Cleansing Objectives:


Refresh your data so that you are armed with the most relevant and accurate data possible.


Enrich your data by connecting new data points to your contacts, helping to personalize your outreach.


Offer you a human, yet data-driven approach in verifying the quality of your data.


Significantly reduce
your costs
per acquisition.


Make any fixes or add any missing firmographic, technographic, and signals data.

Data Enrichment Examples

Ready to get started with LeadBites but not sure how our data enrichment services can help you? Here are some data enrichment examples our clients ask us to perform daily.

Refresh Data & Identify Data Gaps

Some clients come in with an existing list of contacts, but a lot of it may be out of date. We can refresh your existing contact lists and research missing data points. Often, data enrichment opens the door to more leads, as we’ll often find new opportunities during the data enrichment process.

Data Appending to Improve Segmentation

Database enrichment connects your data with many new data points. With enriched leads, you’ll be able to speak to people in your email campaign messaging in a truly personalized way using customized intelligence. Imagine knowing a prospect so well on paper that you can send them a highly relevant email.

Enhance Datasets for Personalized Outreach

Our researchers can enrich your existing list by mining for missing data points needed to contact targeted individuals or companies. Effective database enrichment means finding new ways to harness old and new data alike. Data enrichment is also a key part to the lead research process since it’s best when data is contextual.

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Hand Researched Results
Hand Researched Results

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Our Database Enrichment Process

Start improving your datasets right away. Our experienced database enrichment team will provide you with what you need right away.

You Submit A Task

Simply email your research or data request and what's required. Our team will review and follow up with any questions otherwise we’ll get straight to work.

We Research & Gather Data

Our researchers will work on the task daily based on the plan you’ve selected. A dedicated manager works with a researcher to meet the requirements and performs quality checks.

We Deliver Results

When we’re finished researching, mining, or gathering the data, we send you a file containing the data for approval. Then, just send us the next task.

Working with LeadBites has been a great experience! Instead of having to find and negotiate with VA’s I can just send off a list of what I need and trust they’ll get it back to me with high quality and for a great price. So glad I found LeadBites!

Matt Treacy

Founder Symbios Growth Automation

What Are Some Businesses That Can Benefit From Our Lead Research?


An effective outbound strategy is a must for startups. Many startups don’t have the resources or bandwidth that it takes for effective outbound prospecting. Our lead research process is especially friendly for startups. Why? It prevents startups from needing to hire an expensive in-house team to gain sales traction. It normally takes a lot of resources and capital to launch a proper outbound sales campaign. Our seasoned team will build and execute an outbound strategy for startups while they can focus on all of the other aspects of their business.

Mid-sized Businesses

Many mid-sized businesses come to LeadBites looking for new opportunities to expand their outreach. Our lead research team can help mid-sized businesses get over the hump and grow their sales pipelines. There are many new possibilities for reaching out to new customers, but mid-sized businesses still struggle with building in-house lead research teams. Our lead research can help mid-sized businesses reach their potential of growth.

Enterprise Businesses

Large businesses want to test new markets at scale. Our lead research can help these businesses effectively test these new markets without needing to invest a ton in internal teams. Our lead research offers enterprise businesses the opportunity to find many new contacts at a low cost. We are able to then work with enterprise businesses to build entirely new sales pipelines that they can integrate with their current teams. Our strength at LeadBites is that our lead researchers work well with businesses of all sizes. We can communicate well with enterprise businesses and customize our communication to fit their needs.

Get Started With LeadBites

Select the plan that best meets your needs. LeadBites is simple and transparent about its pricing. No gimmicks or add-ons. No setup fees or crazy agency retainers. No long-term contracts. You can cancel at any time but you’d be bonkers to do so.


Best for Freelancers and Consultants
$399 / month
  • Up to 5 Hours Per week
  • All Leads Verified By Hand
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Non-Dedicated Analysts
  • No Long- Term Commitments


For Founders as well as Small Teams
$799 / month
  • Up to 10 Hours Per week
  • All Leads Verified By Hand
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Lead Researcher
  • No Long- Term Commitments


For Founders as well as Small Teams
Custom Pricing
  • Custom Email List
  • Just What You Need
  • 1 Week Turnaround Per 250 Leads
  • *Options to Add Personalizations and Other Info (LinkedIn)
Need A One-Time Custom Job?
*The number of leads found per week is entirely dependent on the quality of sources, quantity available, and complexity due to industry, targeting criteria given, or time required.

Leverage the Power of Done-For-You Lead Lists to Boost Your Sales and Marketing Campaigns.

Working with LeadBites feels like I have my own employee as the service is so customized and focused on my experience. It's not about scraping, it's about gathering relevant intelligent data that I can use to solve my business challenges.

Stewart Townsend

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