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Our Services

Cold Email Outreach

Supercharge your sales with our Cold Email Outreach. Our expert team crafts captivating, personalized cold emails to drive high-quality leads, boost conversions, and unlock new business opportunities.  Here’s what’s included in our outreach.

Example Cold Email Outreach Campaigns:

Our team is nimble and can adapt to your sales goals. If you’ve been searching for a reliable cold email outreach service that truly comprehends your business, look no further than LeadBites. Here are just a few examples of some cold email outreach tasks we can expertly handle.

Case Study

“I want a campaign that sells our service to one of our niches and sends a lead magnet to attract interest.

Samuel Carter

SaaS Growth Manager


“Reach out to other businesses that don’t offer marketing that may be able to refer customers to us.”

Emily Anderson

Head of Sales at Marketing Agency

Event Promotion

“Get the word out about our upcoming event and fill our remaining capacity.”

Benjamin Paro

Director at Pharma Company

Product Launch

“Sell the initial wave of inventory being manufactured of our new product.“
Arthur Mcaffrey Profile Photo

Arthur Mcaffrey

Marketer at eCommerce Company

Why Choose LeadBites for Cold Email:


Take advantage of our expert targeting and research team to build the right email lists for your audiences.


Scalable Solution without all of the headache of managing domains and email addresses


Reduce your
acquisition cost with
100s of interested leads.


Comprehensive optimization services, creating fine-tuned cold email strategies that achieve higher conversion rates over time.

Lead Research

The best leads are often too difficult to research or too costly to acquire. Our team of highly skilled lead researchers can source these fresh, qualified leads for you by hand and at scale. Here’s how lead research works.

Example Lead Research Tasks:

Our team is nimble and can adapt to your unique requirements. We love diving deep into hyper-targeted processes. If you’ve been struggling to find a lead researcher that understands your company, LeadBites is the solution. Here are just a few examples of lead research tasks that we can do.

List Building

“I want a list of names and emails for 200 Event Planning CEOs based in North America“

John Doe

B2B Business Owner

User Behavior

“I have a list of 100 competitors and I need links to their top performing pages.”

Casey Horald

Business Development Manager at E-Commerce Brand

Company Research

“We need someone to source conscious lifestyle brands, including the names of each company, Instagram handle, and email address.”

Robby Hunter

Creative Director for Ads Agency

Decision Maker

“I want a list of names and emails for 200 Event Planning CEOs based in North America“

Jack Dawn

Graphic Designer at SaaS Firm

Why Choose LeadBites for Lead Research:


Kick off sales conversations with
highly targeted, hand-researched data.


Get a consistent flow
of leads researched daily.


Reduce your
acquisition cost with
100s of great leads vs
1,000 of bad leads.


LeadBites manages the
entire process so
you don’t have to.

Working with LeadBites has been a great experience! Instead of having to find and negotiate with VA’s I can just send off a list of what I need and trust they’ll get it back to me with high quality and for a great price. So glad I found LeadBites!

Matt Treacy Founder Symbios Growth Automation

Data Cleansing

LeadBites helps you clean and sort your data at scale. Clean data helps businesses achieve faster more streamlined communication results. Here’s how LeadBites data cleansing service works.

Example Data Cleansing Tasks:

No data cleansing is too difficult for us to handle. Our team is nimble and can adapt to the needs of many tasks. Here are just a couple examples of data cleansing tasks that we can do.

Data Hygiene

“I have a list of old business contacts on an Excel file and I need someone to ensure the email addresses are formatted properly.”

Sophie Langdon

B2B Business Owner

Competitor Backlink

“I have a list of 1,000 articles. I need someone to tell me if the links for each article are still valid.”

Robert Rampling

Business Development Manager at E-Commerce Brand

Data Hygiene

“We have a list of existing customers but we need someone to manually ensure that the contacts are valid.”

Mario Speedwagon

Manager at Advertising Agency

User Behavior

“My team have a list of influencers with 40,000 or more, we need someone to make make sure all of them are living in USA and have a valid email adresses.”

Casey Horald

Business Development Manager at E-Commerce Brand

Our Data Cleansing Objectives:


Get a team of analysts, programmers, and managers to vet the process.


Future-proof lead generation with properly structured data.


Develop timely data refreshing processes to enhance everyday sales processes


Prevent data mismanagement by implementing consistent sanity checks.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment or data appending adds valuable details to specific data sets. LeadBites data enrichment services provides an endless range of enrichment services including firmographic enrichment, technographic enrichment, and much more. Here’s how LeadBites data enrichment services work.

Example Data Enrichment Tasks:

No data enrichment task is too difficult for us to handle. Our team is nimble and can
adapt to the needs of many tasks. Here are just a couple examples of data enrichment
tasks that we can do.


“I’m building a startup database. I have a list of 1,200 startups but I need someone to manually add each startup’s industry, contact page URL, and phone number.”

Gordon Wilson

B2B Business Owner

user demographic

“Our company has a list of 500 customer names and addresses and social profiles. We need someone who can manually list the gender and location of each customer.”

Casey Horald

Business Development Manager at E-Commerce Brand


“I have a list of competitors and I’d like to know how many employees each company has from their LinkedIn Company page (if any).”

Barbara Jones

Logistic Company Manager

Competitor research

“We have a list of 70 competitors and need someone to add the links to every competitors service and contact page.”

Sidney Twain

Business Development Director at Startup Company

Our Data Enrichment Objectives:


Get hard to find, hand-researched data like clockwork.


Enhance your CRM with no additional cost.


Receive timely details you need to close the sale.


Empower your team with more comprehensive data.

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Select the plan that best meets your needs. LeadBites is simple and transparent about its pricing. No gimmicks or add-ons. No setup fees or crazy agency retainers. No long-term contracts. You can cancel at any time but you’d be bonkers to do so.


Best for Freelancers and Consultants
$399 / month
  • Up to 5 Hours Per week
  • All Leads Verified By Hand
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Non-Dedicated Analysts
  • No Long- Term Commitments


For Founders as well as Small Teams
$799 / month
  • Up to 10 Hours Per week
  • All Leads Verified By Hand
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Lead Researcher
  • No Long- Term Commitments


For Founders as well as Small Teams
Custom Pricing
  • Custom Email List
  • Just What You Need
  • 1 Week Turnaround Per 250 Leads
  • *Options to Add Personalizations and Other Info (LinkedIn)
Need A One-Time Custom Job?
*The number of leads found per week is entirely dependent on the quality of sources, quantity available, and complexity due to industry, targeting criteria given, or time required.

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Having an on demand team to help out with all the random little things I need to in order to generate leads has been a huge time-saver for my consultancy. I no longer need to spend time on these small, but important tasks that I just never seem to get to on my own.

Joe Dejene

| FB Ads Consultant

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Hand Researched Results
Hand Researched Results

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Decision Maker Research

“I’m a graphic designer and need a list of ecommerce shops who specialize in CBD products as well as their contacts”

Market Rate Research

“I work in HR and need to extract the annual salary ranges for a mid-level Remote Operations Manager in Texas from various job boards.”

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