What data points are included in the Funded Startups list?

Data point Description
Company Name
Name of the company
Full Description
Detailed description of the Company
Name of the Founder of the company
Founder Email
Verified Email Address of the Founder
Decision Maker Title
What is the position of the Decision Maker
Founder LinkedIn URL
LinkedIn Url of the Founder
Co-Founder / Other Decision Makers
Name of the Co-Founder/Other Decision Makers
Co-Founder / Other Decision Makers Emails
Email Addresses of the Co-Founder/Other Decision Makers
Last Funding Type
What is the Last Funding Type received by Company
Last Funding Date
What is the date of the last funding received
Industry type of the Company
Headquarters Location
Location of the Company headquaters
Short SEO Description of the company
Company Type
What is the type of the company? i.e. Profit/Non-Profit
Website associated with the company
Twitter URL of the company profile
Facebook URL of the company profile
LinkedIn URL of the Company
Contact Email
Generic or support email of the company
Actively Hiring
Whether the company is actively hiring or not
Investment Stage
Current Investment Stage of the Company
Number of Founders
Total Number of Founders in the company
Total Funding Amount
Total Funding Amount Received
Total Funding Amount Currency
Currency of the Funding Amount Received
Total Funding Amount Currency (in USD)
Total Funding Amount Received in USD*
Monthly Visits on Website
Total Monthly Visits on the website
Average Visits (6 months) on Website
Average Visits in last 6 months on website
Tech Stack
Technology Stack used based on the website
Valuable signals inferred from the data
Last Added Date by LeadBites
Date when leadbites added the data to your list